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BDCAPH   Ah Paris! Harness
BDCLD   All We Need Is Love Dress
BDCBDG   Baby Diva Gown
BDCBLSD   Baby Ladybug Sundress
BDCBRKG   Baby Roses Gown
BDCPBSD   Baby Sister Dress
BSCBRSH   Brown Starfish Harness
BDCBBD   Bumblebee Dress
BSCBSH   Burlap Starfish Harness
BDCMFCD   Contempo Fur Coat Dress
BDCDDD   Daisies Daisies Dress
BDCDCG   Fall Colors Dress
BDCFGG   Feathers Galore Gown
BDCFND   Feathers Noir Dress
BSCFFH1   Fishy Fishy Harness 1
BSCFFH2   Fishy Fishy Harness 2
BSCFFH3   Fishy Fishy Harness 3
BDCFPD   Flower of Paradise Dress
BDCNFPD   Flower of Paradise Dress
BDCFHCD   Furry Houndstooth Coat Dress
BDCFCBFCD   Fuzzy Checkerboard Fur Coat Dress
BDCFFFCD   Fuzzy Fox Fur Coat Dress
BDCGPD   Garden Party Dress
BDCHD   Halloween Dress
BDCHBD   Happy Butterfly Dress
BDCHKD   Here Kitty Dress and Beret
BDCEBD   In Your Easter Bonnet Dress
BDCIBSD   Itsy Bitsy Spider Dress
BDCLPD   Lacy Plum Dress
BDCPLLD   Leather and Lace Dress
BDCLG   Lil Gobbler Dress
BDCLLH   Lime and Lavendar Harness
BDCLTH   Lime and Tangerine Harness
BDCLMDSD   Little Miss Daisy Sundress
BSCLPH   Little Prince Harness
BSCLPRH   Little Princess Harness
BDCRRFG   London's Party Dress
BDCMGDD   Mardi Gras Day Dress
BDCMBFCD   Minky Baby Fur Coat Dress
BSCNNH   Nauti Nauti Harness
BDCOMDH   Oh My Diva! Harness
BDCOSBD   Oh So Beautiful Party Dress
BDCOSPV   Oh So Handsome Party Vest
BDCOLLH   Ooooh La La Harness
BSCPSH   Pearly Shells Harness
BDCPFPD   Petite Fleurs du Printemps Dress
BDCPPFCD   Pretty in Pink Fur Coat Dress
BDCPPPD   Pretty in Pink Party Dress
BDCPPWCD   Pretty in Plaid Wool Coat Dress
BDCPPSD   Purple Peony Sweater Dress
BSCBRESH   Red Starfish Harness
BDCRWB   Red, White, and Blue Patriotic Dress
BDCLD3   Ribbons and Roses Party Dress
BDCRTWD   Romantic Twenties Dress
BDCRTD   Rose Tulip Dress
BSCSDH   Sand Dollar Harness
BDCSLG   Sequins and Lace Gown
BDCSWG   Sophie's Wedding Gown
BDCSSH   Spring Sun Hat
BDCSPD1   St. Patty's Day Dress
BDCPRWB   Stars and Stripes Patriotic Dress
BDCSRD   Summer Roses Dress
BDCSRH   Summer Roses Harness
BDCSSSD   Summer Sandals Sundress
BDCSSV   Summer Sandals Vest
BDCSSPD   Summer Sparkles Dress
BDCSSPRD   Sweet Spring Dress
BDCTPD   Tangerine Party Dress
BDCSTDLD   Turquoise Dreams Leather Dress
BDCTDLD   Turquoise Dreams Leather Dress
BDCVSH   Velvet Sparkles Harness
BDCVSTTD   Velvet Sparkles Tutu Dress
BDCVSWD   Velvet Sparkles Winter Dress
BDCVRR   Violet Ribbons and Roses Dress
BDCWLD   Water Lilies Dress
BDCWSD   Wisteria Dress

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